Product Recall Policy

We make an effort to monitor the items sold on the Store for product safety concerns. We require our sellers to ensure products are safe and expect them to comply with good manufacturing practices and product safety requirements. If a manufacturer informs us of a product safety recall, we will inform you about the recall.

If we discover a problem with one of the products on the Store, we will undertake the necessary measures to investigate and remove the item from the Store, place relevant warnings on the product detail page, or take other actions as necessary to address any product concerns. We will also reach out to any user that previously purchased the recalled products to inform them about the recall.

For information on current and past recalls, please see the following external links:

Recall List:

Below is a current list of items that have been sold on the Store, which are subject to recall:

There are no product recalls at this time.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Product Recall Policy, you can contact our Support Team through